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ancient gurukul system of education

Vediconcepts works for Gurukuls

Vediconcepts works to support the ancient Indian gurukul education system. But we need your help! If you’re willing to work for the betterment of gurukuls, join our mailing list where we share information on projects we are working on.

gurukul education vs current education

What’s the problem?

There are less than 5000 gurukuls (April 2022) in India compared to 14,94,052 schools (Sep 2020). So Gurukul Education System is nowhere near in challenging current education system on equal footing.

But Gurukul Education System is better than the current education system in every possible way. Want to know more advantages of gurukul system? click below.

Our Inspiration

Back in 2017, when we started working for gurukul education system, we only had a vague idea what gurukuls do, why should we support them, what’s the difference between a gurukul & school, etc.

But through the years, we have come to the point of realization that Gurukul Education System is the ONE and ONLY solution to all the problems of India.

Years of studying education systems of various countries and experience of working with gurukul education system has taught us that ancient Indian Gurukul System of Education was truly unique. Its innovations and efficiency is unparralled even today.

During recent years, especially after the Covid lockdowns people’s interest in gurukul system of education has risen. That’s why, more and more gurukuls are popping up.

But most of these gurukuls are nothing but residential schools. The reason lies in not understanding the gurukul system well.

Vediconcepts strives to be the one organization that supports and promotes gurukul education system with all its greatness and create awareness about the workings of gurukul system among the masses.

List of Gurukuls in India

We have categorized gurukuls by states & UTs of India

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