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What is Vediconcepts?

Vediconcepts is a project to demystify Hinduism and its nuances. Hinduism is not even appropriately understood by its followers then how can they explain it well to others? So the first step is to learn ourselves. Vediconcepts is a step in that direction. We work to improve the gurukul education system which is the basis of Hinduism.

We’ll be creating resources that will help you understand Hinduism and its concepts better. Though we’ll be posting particularly on Hinduism. We’ll also be sharing some information regarding religions that took birth in India like Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, etc. The reason is that Hinduism shared the same space with these religions and has influenced them as well as got influenced itself.

Why are we doing this?


Whatever we know about Hinduism nowadays is from the point of view of cultural outsiders i.e. mostly western scholars. As a cultural outsider, it is quite hard to understand the connotations and subtle meanings attached to the traditions of a different culture than yours. We are bound to make mistakes while Interpreting other cultures’ traditions.

But this has exactly been the case with Hinduism for quite some time now. It has been interpreted by scholars who were alien to the terminology as well as the culture of India.

Scholars like Ralph T.H. Griffith, John Muir, and Max Muller all were western as well as working on their stated agenda of converting the heathens to Christianity. Many scholarships like Boden Sanskrit professorship scholarships were established with the stated aim “to assist in the conversion of the people of India to Christianity” (Source:

Earlier Hindu scholars like Acharya Sayana, and Acharya Mahidhar whose commentaries were used as reference guides by most European Indologists. Their commentaries on Vedas were, at places, quite out of context and wrong. An intelligent guess would be, that the European scholars did cherry-picking knowingly so that they could make Indians hate their most revered heritage i.e. Vedas.

We can not point fingers at others only. Sayana’s commentaries preserved later Indian understanding of Vedas. It clearly shows how distorted it had become from the earlier Vedic periods.


A research-based scholarship that takes a refreshing look at Hindu literature without the baggage of traditions and free from the shackles of the colonial mindset. Vediconcepts is a kind of project that will take scientific and utilitarian interpretations of Hinduism.

Who are We?

A small team of professionals, researchers, college students, and even high school students, have come together to create a useful resource about Hinduism and its related topics. The reason for creating such a resource is that there are very few credible sources online that provide correct information about Hinduism.

Most of the online resources provide either opinions or popular tales of various devatas (so-called Gods of Hinduism). There is a severe lack of understanding on the part of the authors themselves then how can we expect a well-balanced intellectual discourse from such people? That has given rise to a severe lack of resources online that provides a Hindu perspective.

Our Team

Acharya Rajender

“… Acharya Rajender ji is from Gurukul Kalwa…”

Acharya Mehul Bhai

“… Acharya Mehul Bhai is an ayurvedacharya and darshanacharya…”


“… Studying in Grade 12th, Humanities…”


“… Studying in Grade 11th, Natural Sciences…”

Our approach

We, at Vediconcepts, take the approach of producing resources that is helpful to the masses. This helps everyone to learn about Hinduism creates harmony and brings communities together.

After conducting research, we publish that research in the form of articles, e-books, PDFs, podcasts, and video courses that can help you understand Hinduism concepts well.

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