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Best websites on Hinduism

This is a list of all the great resources that are available online.

To our surprise, there are very few quality websites that have credible information about Hinduism. If you search for Hinduism you’ll mostly get Wikipedia articles, History Website articles, and Encyclopedia Britannica website which can not be considered credible sources from any perspective except that they are big websites.

That’s why Vediconcepts maintains a blog where we write a lot about Hinduism and topics related to it. You will find comprehensive articles on our blog that too from a Hindu perspective i.e. without the distortions of western/colonial minds.

The following list is not comprehensive by any means. We’ll keep on adding more and more websites to this list that we think provides credible information about Hinduism and provides it from a Hindu perspective. In addition, some of the following websites are also great online resources on Hinduism


HinduismToday Magazine

Vediconcepts Blog