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Information about Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma. Hinduism’s Origin, Hindu literature, Vedas, Vedangas, Darshan, Hindu Knowledge system

Hinduism Vs Hindutva

Etymologically, Hinduism is as different from Hinduism as Christian-ness from Christianity. But word’s meaning changes with context and connotation which depends on the use of the word by society, media and general populace. Let’s discuss both the words in detail so that before presenting opinion, we are at the same… Read More »Hinduism Vs Hindutva

Grihastha Āśrama

There are four main stages of life in Hinduism, which are known as the ashramas. The Grihastha stage is the second stage, during which Hindus are expected to get married and raise a family. The Grihastha stage is considered to be the most important stage of life, as it is… Read More »Grihastha Āśrama