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Who should Homeschool?

So, who are these people who Homeschool – and should you join in?  I’ll tell you who should Homeschool:

Anyone who has a burning desire to be with their kids more.

Seriously.  They grow up incredibly fast.

Anyone with kids.

Even if they aren’t your own – grandparents homeschool grandchildren all the time.  There are even families who share homeschooling responsibilities with other families – both of you can work part-time or flex schedules and still homeschool!

Anyone, regardless of your education level.

High school diploma, Bachelor’s, Doctorate – anyone.  Don’t feel less than if you only have a GED, and on the other side of that token, don’t feel that you’re throwing your education away if you have a Doctorate.  If you’re led to do the best by your children, do it.

Anyone who has a child with special needs.

Who better than you to personalize their very own learning experience?  No need to miss school because of tons of Dr appointments – bring school along!

Anyone who wants to have fun with their kids.

There will be tough days, but there will also be fun, and rewarding, aha! days – and you get to see them all!!!

Anyone who doesn’t want their child tested to death.

Want a child who knows how to manipulate a multiple choice test, or one who can feel free to dive as deeply as they wish into any subject they’re curious about?  (How do you fall asleep is our latest research endeavor.)

Anyone who’s just a little bit crazy.

Crazy enough to take on this challenge – it will be rewarding – but also challenging at times!

Anyone who wants freedom in choosing what their children learn.

From specific subjects to learned behaviors, to prejudices – there are so many benefits to homeschooling.

Anyone in a family, anyone single, anyone a widow.

If you’re in any need financially, check out they may be able to help you continue homeschooling.

Anyone who wants to travel.

Pack up school, and bring it with you!

Anyone who needs to be flexible for a spouse’s job.

Have a spouse who works seasonal and is away a lot?  Have a spouse who travels monthly, weekly, etc., etc.?  Make your schedule work for your family – school breaks come when you need them!

Anyone who wants to do school when they want.

Year-round (yikes – not me!); start in Aug – end in May; take a month off for Holidays, 4-day weeks, whatever you want to do, you can make it happen!

Anyone who wants their kids to learn by experience.

Cook, sew, travel, museums, keep a plant alive all winter, volunteer – anything can supplement homeschooling.

Anyone who wants their child to have more of a natural sleep pattern.

I remember me when I was a teen – and now my pre-teen is just like I was – SUPER DUPER grumbly in the morning.  I don’t wanna yell and fight every morning!  ‘Nuff said – 6 am bus stop – nope!

Who Should Homeschool?


Especially anyone who wants to wear PJs all day 😉

Anyone who wants to continue learning through a lifetime